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Madelyn's seizure alert dog

  • Madelyn , 3

    • Neurogenerative disorder
    • I wish to have a seizure alert dog
  • service dog , animals

“Having her favorite pet by her side means new freedom for Madelyn and her parents. ”

“Radar went to Madelyn, jumped up on the couch and sat down. He didn’t take his eyes off her. No matter who else was coming into the room, walking around or talking. Radar was on duty.”

Madelyn’s mom described the moment their family pet, a young Labrador named Radar, became a trained seizure alert dog for their young daughter. Madelyn had been diagnosed with a condition similar to her twin sister, Sophia, who passed away last spring. Madelyn’s outlook is more positive. “We were able to get her more effective therapies sooner for her neurodegenerative condition, which can only help,” say her parents.

After sixteen weeks of training, Radar was ready to be reunited with his family to start his new job. He’d left home a frisky pup and returned a calm, well-trained therapy dog. The trainer, Bob, had tears in his eyes when he brought Radar back to the family that day. “I wanted to make sure the family had the best experience possible,” he said. Bob showed Madelyn’s parents all the commands, and how Radar would be helping Madelyn.

Due to her condition, it had been difficult to be out in public places. And Madelyn so loved to be outside, to feel the warmth and the wind, to hear the sounds. So having her favorite pet by her side means new freedom for Madelyn and her parents. “It really is her dream come true.”

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