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I wish to meet Murit, the baby elephant I’ve been fostering in Africa


“ It was definitely a bright star in a dark and scary time ”

- Skye, wish child

In 2018, Skye was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and it turned her world upside down. Between the surgeries, hospital stays, and the many unknowns, she also learned that she would not be able to do all the fun things she normally enjoyed. All of this was terrifying to her.

Just after her diagnosis, Skye was told that she qualified for a wish —something that made her excited about the future. “It was definitely a bright star in a dark and scary time for me … something to take my mind off my illness,” Skye shared.

When Skye first met with her wish granters, the thought of being able to wish for anything in the world sounded daunting. But after being hospitalized and home bound throughout most of her cancer treatments, she knew she wanted to get out and travel. Then Skye received some exciting news. The baby elephant she adopted four years earlier after he fell down a well in Kenya, was healthy enough to re-integrate into a national park.

Hearing news of her elephant Murit’s graduation inspired Skye during her treatments. If he could beat the odds after months of medical treatments and years of recovery, then she decided she could too! It was her emotional connection and the inspiration of his recovery that sparked Skye’s wish to travel to Africa to meet Murit.

Thanks to the incredible support of the Travel Leaders Group, Skye’s wish was granted to meet Murit in 2019.
My wish was truly amazing! It made me so happy to see he was doing so well. We had both won our health battles and were thriving. The impact of this experience will, without a doubt be lifelong. ”

— Wish kid Skye

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