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Kodiak goes to Mt. Rainier

  • Kodiak with his brother.

  • Kodiak and Snow

  • Kodiak in a Snow Cave

“ He was a whole different kid, he came out of his shell. ”

Snowball fights. Brisk mountain air. Sledding and snowmobiling.

Right before Memorial Day?

While other San Diegans were planning beach trips and barbecues, Kodiak dreamt of playing in the snow. “I’ve never seen BIG snow,” the 10-year-old said. Not like ‘San Diego snow,’ but bigger, he explained: “where I’m the only one there!”  

Kody wished for it.  But where to find snow in May?  

We quickly came up with a very “cool” way to make Kody’s wish happen. Working with our colleagues in Seattle, they knew

Kody would feel like a king of the mountain amidst the peaks of the Cascade Mountains and Mt. Rainier.  

“I couldn’t believe it,” Kody’s mom Heather said. “It was so remarkable that he wouldn’t have to wait until next winter for his wish.” At the Alta Crystal Resort outside Seattle, they were only ones there.  “And everyone was so wonderful to us.”   Being together for some serious fun was a big departure for Kody. “He was a whole different kid, he came out of his shell:  he was in heaven.”

As a special surprise, the Alpental Ski Resort opened up just for Kody.  And a local Wish Parent put together a Snow Day that included building snow forts, sledding, and the opportunity for Kody and his brother Slater to have the biggest snowball fight… ever! 

Kody did it all. “He loved every minute!” his family said. The family took a chair lift to a mountaintop, rode snowmobiles, and even worked with a rescue dog who demonstrated an avalanche rescue. 

Since then, Kody’s post-treatment scans for his bone lymphoma have come back clear. “His arm shows bone re-growth, and his energy has come back so quickly,” his mom said. He’s back to playing baseball, being a 10-year-old who likes to ride motorcycles and go to the desert with his family.  Or, as Kody told her:  “I’m me and I’m moving on!” 

Kody’s family saw how proud he was of getting through it all. “Thank you for making our son’s wish come true. Afterwards, he read about other kids like him, the stories about what they went through and the wishes they received. He sees getting through all the challenges as an accomplishment.”

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