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Christopher visits the Big Island

  • Christopher with mom and dad

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  • Christopher on the beach

“ Our family considered our time together on the Big Island as priceless. ”

  • Christopher , 6

    • Leukemia
    • I wish to see some lava
  • lava , Hawaii

Christopher’s favorite story has photos of exotic coral reefs and their brilliant sea life. “He loves swimming, taking nature walks and learning about all types of sea life,” his mom said. Christopher, who’s 4, also has rare cancer, retinoblastoma, in both eyes. He has undergone treatments to save his vision and stop the spread of the cancer. While being treated, he was referred to Make-A-Wish®. His wish – to see a volcano – soon became a reality.


“I wish to see some lava!” Christopher told his Wish Granters, who began planning a nature-filled trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. Spending the first day relaxing on the beach, Christopher was then all set to take a glass-bottom boat cruise. He watched the corals, fish and sea turtles come to life, like in his favorite book, as he passed over them. He got a closer look another day. “Christopher hit the jackpot in the tide pools. He saw many sea creatures he had never seen before.” Then came the volcano. The family flew over the Kilauea crater in a helicopter, circling so that Christopher could see all its volcanic activity. 

“Our family considered our time together on the Big Island as priceless,” his parents said. “Our whole family is grateful and blessed to have our community embrace and support Christopher’s wish. It is an experience he will never forget. He talks about it almost daily. Thank you for all of your support and positive energy. It has allowed our family to start a new chapter in our life.”

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