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Liam Saves The Day


“ I want to catch a bank robber and save the day! ”

“I, Liam, promise to listen to my parents, to tell the truth, to eat my vegetables, to catch a bank robber, and to have fun”. This was the promise Liam, 5, made to the San Diego Police Department as he was inducted as the youngest police officer in San Diego’s history.

Despite being born with a congenital heart defect, Liam has never let his condition get in the way of having a normal childhood. In fact, he has used it as motivation to work harder and be stronger. His inspiration and ultimate goal is to one day be Officer Liam. However, when Make-A-Wish came in to the picture, it was a no brainer for him to wish to expedite the process and be a Police Officer for the day.

On Liam’s wish day, which also happened to be the SDPD’s 130th anniversary, he arrived at Make-A-Wish and followed clues up to the office where over 15 police officers greeted him to announce that his wish was being granted. Liam was handed his very own police officer uniform and was asked to head downtown to the San Diego Police Department. A 33- motorcycle escort led Liam and his family from the Make-A-Wish office to Liam's induction ceremony. Upon arrival, Liam was sworn in by Chief David Nisleit and Mayor Faulconer.

Liam was given an official badge and a custom motorcycle made just for him. The newest SDPD officer took a quick lap outside Headquarters before he and his partner got an important 911 call. There was a bank robbery down the street at a local Bank of America branch and they needed Liam to save the day! Without hesitation, Liam and his partner went to the bank where the department choreographed the perfect take down for Liam's big arrest. Cheering fans lined the outside of the bank as Liam brought the robber back for questioning. The City of San Diego thanked Liam for his heroic acts in keeping our city safe!

With the support of the San Diego Police Department and our friends at Bank of America, Liam's wish was granted.

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