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Emma's Rapunzel playhouse

Emma and Rapunzel

“ It's everything I ever wanted! ”

- Emma

Bubbly little Emma wanted to be just like her favorite long-haired damsel, Princess Rapunzel.

Emma and RapunzelEight-year old Emma is a bubbly little girl who loves Selena Gomez, the movie “Tangled”, and signing along with her favorite music. Her favorite princess is Rapunzel, and once she met with her wish granters from the Make-A-Wish®, it became clear that her wish would definitely involve the long-haired damsel she so admired.

 Emma has battled pulmonary hypertension since 2009, and continues to go through treatment because of its progressive nature.  When we met Emma, she expressed how she wanted to be just like Rapunzel with the long hair, tall tower, and castle in her backyard. Specifically, she wanted to sit in her castle and watch TV on her purple bean bag while eating chocolate covered peeps and rice krispy treats!

 Emma’s wish came true when she was surprised with her very own Rapunzel castle, equipped with a tall tower and a swing set. She was so excited when she saw her castle and joyfully announced that it was the “happiest day of her life.” Emma’s castle came with all of her favorite goodies, including chocolate covered peeps, rice krispy treats, and everything “Tangled” she could ever dream of. As another surprise, princess Rapunzel was waiting to greet her.

Now Emma gets to be Rapunzel everyday. She will always remember her magical wish day and her castle will be a daily reminder that dreams do come true.

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